[PD] Datagloves 5DT, divers vernier Sensors with PD

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Sep 16 02:59:05 CEST 2004

On Sep 15, 2004, at 5:26 PM, Max Neupert wrote:

> Hi List,
> by doing an inventory of our falculties labs i found interesting  
> hardware and i was wondering about PD compatiblity because of an  
> upcoming PD Workshop. Here is part of that inventory list, i would  
> like to hear if somebody out there says if it's somehow compatible  
> with PD or not.
> A pair of data gloves:
> http://www.5dt.com/products/pdataglove5.html

To use this, you would have to write a specific object for it, using  
the library that they provide.  Or reverse engineer the protocol and do  
it in Pd.  If anyone wants to give me DataGlove, I'd be happy to do it  

> A sensor kit with the following sensors:
> > Magnetic Field Sensor
> http://www.vernier.com/probes/probes.html?mg-bta&template=standard.html
> > Barometer
> http://www.vernier.com/probes/probes.html?bar- 
> bta&template=standard.html
> > CO2 Sensor
> http://www.vernier.com/probes/probes.html?co2- 
> bta&template=standard.html
> > Motion Detector
> http://www.vernier.com/probes/probes.html?md-btd&template=standard.html
> > Radiation Monitor
> and the USB interface to connect those sensors to the computer:
> http://www.vernier.com/mbl/labpro.html

The same goes for this interface.  I didn't see any library or  
programming interface for writing your own software on their website.



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