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Hello PD list!

For those of you from Belgium/Holland, with nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, grandma's, grandpa's, brothers and/or sisters who are interested in Pure Data but don't know much about it yet: there's a small 1 day workshop with Aymeric Mansoux in Gent, Belgium and later in Nijmegen, Holland! Spread the word :)


Workshop VJ
9 October 2004 
Arno Coenen and Aymeric Mansoux

The guests will bring their own set of tools and a variation of VJ software/hardware will be shown and discussed on a both technical and content level. After the presentation there is time for questions, discussion and for taking a closer look at the tools. The workshop takes place from 1 pm until 6 pm.

Arno Coenen is knows as VJ and artist, amongst others he collaborated with Transformer die Roboter and made the installations 'Time to bone', an interactive masturbation unit, as seen in the red light district, with nine 1 minute 3D computer animations starring lego/playmobil-style puppets. www.solidrocketboosters.com <http://www.solidrocketboosters.com>

Aymeric Mansoux is a media artist and an expert in combining image and sound in live performances. He will make a demo of the open source software Pure Data and PDP, together they form THE (free) alternative to Max/MSP and Jitter. The participants will go home with a bootable cd containing the software. www.bleu255.com <http://www.bleu255.com>
For info about the free bootable cd: www.dyne.org <http://www.dyne.org>

Maximum number of participants: 10 (minimum: 7)
Costs: 30 euros (including tickets for the Regio Finale)
Application: www.visualsensations.nl <http://www.visualsensations.nl>
ATTENTION! Registration closes two weeks before the workshop in question.

Other locations:
FREEJ with Jaromil
	*	8 okt  Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent (Belgium)
	*	15 okt LUX, Nijmegen
	*	5 nov Off_Corso, Rotterdam
	*	12 nov Zapclub/Simplon, Groningen
	*	19 november Mezz, Breda
	*	10 dec Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
	*	9 okt Kunstencentrum Vooruit te Gent: Arno Coenen en Aymeric Mansoux
	*	16 okt LUX te Nijmegen: Arno Coenen en Aymeric Mansoux

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