[PD] /dev/dsp newbie problemo

Kyle Klipowicz t3553r4ct at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 17:16:30 CEST 2004

I'm assuming that you're running jack on your system.  This happens occasionally with me, and I usually just run top to find out the process ID for jackd, and then use the kill command to stop it, and then restart it with something like 
jackd -R -d alsa -r 44100 
or what have you.  Hope this helps, I'm not Linux guru!

roc <principio at ilimit.es> wrote:
by the way, forgot to mention, i'm trying this on a ibook g3 running 

> after a while pding on OSX i'm trying to switch to linux.
> compilation was ok, but when i start pd i get:
> /dev/dsp (writeonly): Device or resource busy
> /dev/dsp (readonly): No such device or address
> error: failed to open MIDI ports; continuing without MIDI.
> audio I/O stuck... closing audio and MIDI
> i don't care about the MIDI part, cos i won't be using any, but i 
> obviously want some audio ;~)
> i assume it might be something very easy to solve, but i'm still a 
> newbie here and i get lost with dev permissions etc.
> hints?
> r

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