[PD] sfwrite~ problem

kyrre laastad kyrre at sucks.no
Thu Sep 16 21:29:57 CEST 2004

hi all.

i haven't really introduced myself here, so here goes; i am kyrre, a 20 year
old norwegian drummer who is very interested in live electronics and
aleatoric music. therefor i am trying to program a live phrase sampler that
will play back the things i play to me randomly, to challenge myself as an
improvising musician. i have made a patch that does this using delwrite~ and
vd~, but i want to rather record small segments and get them played back to
me, as in øyvind brandtsegg fantastic csound program "improsculpt", which
can be found at http://www.teks.no/oeyvind/frames/Index.htm. it isn't ported
to mac yet, i'm afraid, so i can't use it.

so i was thinking that i could get it to record randomly and play back
randomly, but when i use sfwrite~  it only records for the tiniest moment.
i've tried to give it set messages and all, but i still can't get it to
record more than this click. i've seen through the help files and the
documentation, but i haven't found anything that explains this. i'm sorry if
this has been covered before. flame me if so.

oh, and i'm running a g4 tibook with 667 mhz and 1 gig ram and a m-audio
audiophile usb sound card. not that it matters in this case.

thanks in advance.

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