[PD] P5 glove use and development

Macciza raien at tpg.com.au
Fri Sep 17 05:21:25 CEST 2004

G'day to all,
My names Macciza Macpherson and I'm in Sydney, Australia.

Just got my dual P5 shipment from ComputerGeeks.com (That sounds kinda 
weird ?;-) Thanks to Ross Bencina for rekindling the interest after 
seeing him at UWS Nepean. And the postings on this list. Missed the 
first batch from computergeeks but the have them in stock again now at 
US$12.50 each. Best price - elsewhere $20 plus. Though the $40 dollars 
postage made it a bit odd. I wonder how many you can get for the same 

Got it up and running very quickly on OSX 10.2.8 using Tim Kregers's 
p5osc package and Calibrator.app (Thanks heaps Tim for all the help so 
far.   ;-)
Patched it into Pd-0.38 very easily and starting to develop some stuff 
there. Nothing specific just confirming the OSC stream and controlling 
a few oscillators. I'm just getting back into pd and so I'm just 
mucking about for the moment. Would anybody have any patches that I 
could rework to use the glove as a controller, it would be appreciated, 
I'm working through the examples etc. but would really like something 
more complete.
Now to look at SC and the rest of the stable to see what is possible! 
Might even have get a 'PC' to do AudioMulch stuff, damn! Any 

I would be interested in chatting with anybody else who is using the p5 
particularly on the Mac platform. Also interested in any Mac 
specific/compatible source code for further development. Feel free to 
contact me either on or off list to pursue any of these matters.

Cheers all,
Macciza Macpherson

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