Fw: [PD] sfwrite~ problem

kyrre laastad kyrre at sucks.no
Fri Sep 17 07:50:52 CEST 2004

> Hallo,

> You probably shouldn't try to record to disk, but to [table]'s. You
> should make the tables you use appropriatly large with "-resize"
> messages, then you could for example play them with tabread4~ or if
> you have the xsample externals, use that. You will only be able to
> record as far as your RAM is reaching, but you will get less clicks
> than when dealing with harddisks, which can have a bad impact on
> clicking.
yeah, i never really used sfwrite~. it just somehow slipped out of my
subconciousness when i wrote that mail. damn that freud guy.
i think the problem was that i didn't send resize messages to the tables.
i'll try that after work. thanks a lot.

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