[PD] Re: [PD-announce] vst~ beta download

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Fri Sep 17 21:47:52 CEST 2004

the only other hosts i use dont give you this nice raw output, so i dont 
know.  but this is a general issues with vst's i think, for instance, in 
flstudio when i open up a song it has remembered all the positions of 
all the sliders/nobs of all vst's im using, plus samples loaded and 
such.  is there some split in vst between state and performance data?

Thomas Grill wrote:

>Hi Josh,
>i didn't have a look at that specific plugin but i will when i have got the
>Do other VST hosts display the same parameter names, or maybe one more that
>you could use for choosing samples?
>best greetings,
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>>I had a question about how one is meant to deal with the vst state info
>>that a vst host usually saves for the plugin and restores on load.
>>i've been wrapping up vst's into bitvitriol for a while now, but last
>>night when i went to muck about with using the Phatmatick PRO vsti
>>within pd, i realised i didnt know how to get pd to tell the phatmatick
>>pro which sample to use.  here is its [print[ and i see no way of doing
>>Has editor
>>Can do replacing
>>parameter[#0], "LFO 1 Shape" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#1], "LFO 1 Sync" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#2], "LFO 1 Speed" value=1.000000
>>parameter[#3], "LFO 1 Sync Mode" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#4], "LFO 2 Shape" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#5], "LFO 2 Sync" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#6], "LFO 2 Speed" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#7], "LFO 2 Sync" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#8], "Comb In/Out" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#9], "Comb Delay" value=0.500000
>>parameter[#10], "Comb Feedback" value=0.900000
>>parameter[#11], "VCF Mode" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#12], "VCF Cutoff" value=1.000000
>>parameter[#13], "VCF Q" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#14], "Pitch Env Attack" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#15], "Pitch Env Decay" value=0.200000
>>parameter[#16], "Pitch Env Sustain" value=1.000000
>>parameter[#17], "Pitch Env Release" value=0.020000
>>parameter[#18], "Pitch Env Amount" value=0.500000
>>parameter[#19], "VCF Env Attack" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#20], "VCF Env Decay" value=0.200000
>>parameter[#21], "VCF Env Sustain" value=1.000000
>>parameter[#22], "VCF Env Release" value=0.020000
>>parameter[#23], "VCF Env Amount" value=0.500000
>>parameter[#24], "Mod: LFO 1 -> VCF" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#25], "Mod: LFO 1 -> Pitch" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#26], "Mod: Lfo 1 -> Amp" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#27], "Mod: Lfo 1 -> F.Env" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#28], "Mod: Lfo 2 -> VCF" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#29], "Mod: Lfo 2 -> Pitch" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#30], "Mod: Lfo 2 -> Amp" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#31], "Mod: Lfo 2 -> F.Env" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#32], "Mod: Mod -> VCF" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#33], "Mod: Mod -> Pitch" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#34], "Mod: Mod -> Amp" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#35], "Mod: Mod -> F.Env" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#36], "Mod: Vel -> VCF" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#37], "Mod: Vel -> Amp" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#38], "Mod: Vel -> Amp" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#39], "Mod: Vel -> F.Env" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#40], "Mute" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#41], "Gain" value=1.000000
>>parameter[#42], "Distortion" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#43], "Delay Mix" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#44], "Delay Feedback" value=0.000000
>>parameter[#45], "Delay Sync" value=6.000000
>>parameter[#46], "Distortion Pre/Post VCF" value=0.000000
>>any ideas?  thjanks  -josh
>>Thomas Grill wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>since i'd like to have vst~ released in the next future, i put a beta
>>>download on my website, which will be updated regularly.
>>>Find it at http://grrrr.org/ext/vst
>>>Please report any non-functioning or strange-looking vst plugins so that
>>>can fix the remaining bugs.
>>>best greetings,
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