[PD] gui for os x + selective recording

kyrre laastad kyrre at sucks.no
Sun Sep 19 19:31:30 CEST 2004

hello again,

my autosampler is alive and well now, thanks to the resize messages. yahoo.

i'd like it to only record when there is actual sound input on the
soundcard, though, so that it won't gradually record silence over the
sampeld sounds. is there any way to do this? i've made it so that i can turn
off recording with a toggle switch, but i'd like it to be autmoatic. is this

and also, i'd like to make the front end gui a bit more attractive, but all
the gui-libraries i've found is for windows or for linux; is there anything
being made for os x, and would it be a very complex programming task to make
gui objects? i imagine it wouldn't, but what do i know?

thanks in advance!

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