[PD] pd & midi

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Mon Sep 20 13:27:18 CEST 2004

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>juto aviten hat gesagt: // juto aviten wrote:
>>That's pity that PD don't use the midi possibility of jack! is that 
>>something todo for next PD release? or there is any plan for that issue?
>Sorry for maybe being out of date, but since when does Jack do
yes yes I mean that's pity that pd couldn't write midi on jack like ams 
or ardour, this apps could communicate to your midi interface through 
jack, and pd couldn't do it.
what do you think Franck? linux user mainly use jack now, and pd and 
jack is really a great combination!! and pd-jack and midi that's should 
be greater!!!!

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