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Mon Sep 20 15:53:47 CEST 2004

I think you right to araise thise question, because it's not so clear 
for many of us, loof for example the presentation of MuSE :

MusE is a *MIDI/Audio sequencer[...]*

    * Use the Jack Audio Connection Kit for midi/audio routing.

they don't talk about qjackctl, it's the same for many software using 
midi as control or format.
It's interesting to discuss, it's true that we used qjackctl with alsa 
sequencer and it's true that the audio & midi in this apps are completly 
always interesting to look at the Dave Phillips page : 
http://linuxsound.atnet.at/ because there is plenty of tools to do it!!
thanks to light my view on this point :-)

I will test you stuff!


>Ahm, sorry, since when does Ardour do midi? ;)
>No, I looked it up on the website of Jack now, and there's not a hint
>of the word Midi there. I know, that there is an unpublished midi
>suport for Jack in the works, which seems to have some legal problems
>to be sorted out, but none of the official versions of Jack support
>Maybe you are thinking about the midi connections tab in qjackctl??
>This has nothing to do with Jack itself but it is a conneciton manager
>for the ALSA sequencer. To use Pd with that, you need to load the
>snd-virmidi module which creates ALSA sequencer enabled rawmidi
>devices. Search google for me and the "Softsynth and Midi Howto".

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