[PD] iARS new version is out

ritsch at iem.at ritsch at iem.at
Tue Sep 21 08:22:40 CEST 2004

Beta, testers please test...

The IEM developed the internet Audio Rendering System (iARS) which is a 
browser plugin for all Netscape Gecko based browsers introducing 
interactive real time audio processing to web browsers.

iARS (internet Audio Rendering System) is a browser plugin extending the 
browser's capabilities with a flexible audio rendering machine. It can 
be invoked by an ``object'' tag within web pages. The signal processing 
is done by the Pure Data programme which is launched by the plugin and 
remote controlled via a XML-RPC interface. The algorithm processed can 
be defined as a regular Pd patch along with a graphical representation 
of the patch. This is done using a IDL (interface description language). 
According to this description the plugin draws controls into the browser 
window with which the behaviour of the algorithm can be altered.

For more information checkout http//:iaem.at


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