[PD] gui and abstraction

Johannes Burström johannes at ljud.org
Wed Sep 22 00:29:50 CEST 2004


I've been playing with GOP:s a bit lately, and found two things:

If you are making a small ui, like a small reusable volume control, it 
can be hard to resize the child patch. Then you might consider to make 
the window larger, and spread out the objects in a relative position to 
each other. in the GOP, they will keep the same relative position.

When doing the final positioning of the ui objects, it makes things 
easier if you have two instances of the patch in the parent window. You 
edit one (which gets greyed out) and watch the changes in the other one 
when saving.

hope this helps.

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> moritz seiler hat gesagt: // moritz seiler wrote:
>>when i make a abstraction and make the gui visible on parent patch, i dont
>>know to handle with the size and the proportion...? i know that i can place
>>the size in the patch,but i cannot save it for the abstraction..
> I do this in the following way: 
> 1) use a [cnv] object as a background, 
> 2) Put all you want to see on top of the background [cnv]
> 3) remember its dimensions as x and y. 
> 4) Set "Graph On Parent" to true.
> 5) resize the abstraction, so that only the bg-cnv plus about 15 pixel
>    above it are visible. The empty space above is for the abstraction
>    name.
> 6) save, close, File->New, put: [your_gop_abs]
> 7) Right-click [your_gop_abs], edit Properties: 
>    Set width to: x (from above) + 2 pixels
>    Set height to: y (from above) + 15 pixels.
>    Save properties.
> 8) Right-click again and Open your [your_gop_abs]
> 9) SAVE it! Yes, again! This is important, as the resizing done in the
>    parent patch in step 7) is not saved yet in the child abstraction. 
> 10) you migtht need to fiddle a bit with the positions of graphical
>     objects.
> That's it.
> Ciao

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