[PD] readanysf~ crashes when it receives a "stop" message

ClaudiusMaximus gloriousclaudiusmaximus at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 00:52:01 CEST 2004

I created a patch with [readanysf~].  I sent it an [open $1( message 
filled with an [openpanel] (I selected a wav file). I sent it a [play( 
message and it started playing.  I sent it a [stop( message and 
[readanysf~] crashed - the patch window became totally non-responsive 
but the main Pd window still worked.  Closing the main Pd window did not 
exit Pd completely, the windows closed but the terminal window had no 
additional output (the last message was the Open... printout from 

readanysf~ version 0.13
flext version 0.4.6 installed in /usr/local/lib/

I'm running GNU/Linux Red Hat 9 PlanetCCRMA, with pure-data-devel 0.37 
checked out from CVS a couple of months ago.

I also had crashes loading particular WAV files, others worked fine (all 
were output of "mpg123 x.mp3 -w x.wav") - something about "Unknown 
command 0.c" or similar was printed in the terminal window and patch 
windows became non-responsive, as above.

Which version combinations of flext/readanysf~ are known to be stable?
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