[PD] Re: P5 Glovage

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Sat Sep 25 06:38:18 CEST 2004

I, also, was drawn to the p5 glove for pd control purposes...and so I 
bought one of the cheapies from compugeeks once I saw the amazingly low 
pricetag.  Got it this week.  I run Linux (almost exlcusively, Debian 
unstable, kernel 2.6.6) and have been quite disappointed with the 
drivers/support so far.

Apparently there are two ways to roll with this thing [in Linux]: 
binary driver (supplied by Essential Reality) or a 3rd party driver 
called libp5glove.  The latter uses libusb in userspace (which, 
obviously, would be a preferred angle of attack)...

So far, I've had zero success...even tho I have plenty of other usb 
devices configured and working perfectly (think scanner, camera, card 
reader, hard drive, gamepad, etc).  The binary driver causes my machine 
to hard lock, and the userspace one reports an error within libusb. 
Something about "Invalid Argument" which I straced back to an ioctl 
call.  Wonderful.  I tried emailing the author of the libp5glove driver, 
but the address now bounces.  :(

Based on forum postings, the manufacturer of the p5 seems to be in 
pretty bad shape.  It's great that they were willing to put out a Linux 
driver and SDK...but the current state of affairs looks bleak.  If 
somebody manages to get either driver working with Linux (I've read a 
few vague success stories), please drop me a line.  If I manage to make 
mine wiggle, I'll try and post results back to the group.


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