[PD] cannot use multiple midiout devices with xp...

Steve Ritchey sdritchey at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 18:36:55 CEST 2004

yes i did use the comma correctly...
by 'use multiple devices correctly' i am unsure exactly what you mean... in my dialog box there are four devices for midi in and 4 devices for midi out... i assume this means i am using multiple devices correctly as when i first loaded pd there was only one space for each...
'did you use channels correctly'... my feeling is that this is where the problem is... i played around with that a little, but didnt really get very far... do i need to use two seperate midi out objects in the window each running a different channel? 

IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
Steve Ritchey wrote:
> hello all...
> i have a 2X2 usb midi device connected to my laptop running win xp and 
> pd .37... no matter what combination of midioutdev i specify, i can only 

did you try "-midioutdev 1,2" ? (the comma is the important thing)

> get midiout data from one of the two midid out ports on my usb device... 
> i use a .bat file for start-up, and have specified the devices in 
> multiple orders during pd loading, all to the same result... i have 
i don't think that "-midioutdev 1 -midioutdev 2" will do what you want.

> tried manually in the midi devices dialog box, again the same... the 
ok, this seems to be more serious then
i guess, you are sure you tried "use multiple devices"...

probably run 2 pd's, each with a single midi-device.

ah, and are you sure that you try to output correctly ?
you have to use channels 17-32 for the second midi-device.


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