[PD] Pd-Convention Graz: webcams, papers and irc

beau25 at access4less.net beau25 at access4less.net
Wed Sep 29 00:11:06 CEST 2004

Thanks for adding the webcams of the convention,
 I really wish that I was there, but hope to follow the
convention as best possible remotely. An audio feed would be
nice, maybe a shoutcast, mu3? Plus cam4 is sideways, if
anyone there is reading this could you straighten it out. 
What is an IRC and how do I use it?

Also I noticed there were some question marks next to the
installations section of some artists, me being one of them.
If anyone wants to download my installation to try it out

Also Her in San Francisco on Saturday there will be a "Love
Parade," in the electronic music spirit that evening I will
be dedicated my vj set to the Graz Convention. 

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