[PD] pdp_gl gemwin battle bugs

navz at dreaming.org navz at dreaming.org
Mon Nov 1 04:25:06 CET 2004


ok ive got a bit of a mixup with pdp_gl and gemwin happening.

- they both can't be on at the same time, pdp_gl will cancel out gemwin.

- if there are messages that can be passed to gemwin, then there seems to
be some gem rendering happening in the pdp_gl window

- the gemwin is only black after pdp_gl gets launched


say i've opened the gem example patch pd/doc/gem/examples/03.lighting
while running a pdp_glx, then create the gemwin, turn rendering on and
then hit the message _lighting 1_


first of all, turning rendering on does nothing other than allow the
gemwin to permit screen redraws, and only black windows if pdp_glx runs...
also the message for lighting from gem gets launched on my pdp_glx
window... as in a quick and dirty version of gem2pdp but without any real
literal translation between whats supposed to happen based on gem render
chain, mostly just colours change on a gradiating tint that gets applied
to my running pdp_glx.

the specs:

its a centrino laptop, with integrated video (a bad decision in
retrospect, ive got weird xvideo issues too)  this means the ram is shared
with machine and video.  the graphics chipset is an 855gme from intel.

the os is gentoo, x11 is xorg 6.8.0, im using the i915.ko from dri
cvs, i've got dri and glx enabled in my xorg.conf (tested without dri and
same issues)

pd = pd-0.37-4 
pdp = pdp-0.12.4 (same issues with cvs pdp, except that my
pdp_glx doesnt go to black when i kill gemwin in the cvs (0.13.x) version
of pdp) 

gem = 0.90.0


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