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martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Mon Nov 1 18:48:23 CET 2004

hi there,

> if it's about space usage ... maybe it would be useful to add a width
> feature to select bold, narrow, whatever ...
> current default is bold ...

now my growing apple thinking gets into the way of linux thinking :-)

even if you introduce the font+fontsize+fontstyle startup parameters we 
still need reasonable defaults. handing problems over to the end user 
is no solution, imho. i am not against that but it does not solve the 
problem - that seems to be that people are not satisfied with courier 
(although i personally start to like it more and more - it is quite 
unique (on the mac))

actually there are some options:

- have it look different on different systems (tahoma is not standard 
on mac, so we would need a different default font there)

- have it look the same + use system fonts (that is the current state. 
i do not know any fonts beside arial and courier that are standard on 

- use a specific pd-font. frank's looks quite good i think. this font 
has to be free as in beer. although most systems store fonts in 
specific places there are a lot of apps that come with their own fonts. 
think of computer games.

maybe we should vote? tomorrow :-)


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