[PD] Re: PD-list digest, Vol 1 #1521 - 13 msgs

adam armfield adamairmailed at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 23:31:18 CET 2004

dmc wrote..

Subject:	 [PD] getting MIDI into PD internally

Hey everybody, 

Im a total newbie to this software; need to playback a
MIDI file in PD 
or 'hear' what MIDI is being played by another program
- so that I can 
process something, but I need this to be done all
within the computer.

Please help



depending on your system there are programs that do
this.. hubis loopback (win 95 98) and midiyoke.. 2000
and xp

i think coremidi on mac does it.. and i expect there
is something for linux.. don't know what though..
anyone else?

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