[PD] data structures "multiply defined" when loaded from a file

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Nov 2 02:31:36 CET 2004

When I save my data structures in my patch, the patch loads without 
errors and works, and I play them repeatedly without problems.  But if 
I read the data from a file that I had previously wrote to a txt file, 
it gives me this error:

warning: pd-template-sample: multiply defined
warning: pd-template-grains: multiply defined
warning: pd-template-pan_amp: multiply defined

and doesn't work.  But if I save that data from the file as part of the 
patch, and restart the patch, it works fine.


I can't see any duplicate definitions, except that the structs are 
defined in the header of the textfiles...  arg...  any pointers would 
be most helpful...



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