[PD] nforce for surround

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 2 19:44:38 CET 2004

Rene Christen hat gesagt: // Rene Christen wrote:

> i was wondering if anyone had managed to use an nforce for realtime 
> surround in pd. i'm thinking of getting an asus motherboard with an nforce 
> chip soon and was hoping it would be as simple as sending info to a dac~ 
> with 6 channels and having a dolby decoder. hoping to do this with linux
> anyonw have any experience with this or know if it's possible? or anyone 
> have any experience with any other realtime dolby encoding/decoding under 
> linux

Generally this is no problem, however I would take good care with
using an Nforce chipset. Nvidia has been notoriously quiet when it
comes to give out specifications of any of their products to open
source developers. So you should really inform yourself and think
twice if you want to support a company with such a habit. 

While there is not much competition against NVidia in the field of
3D-graphics, in audio hardware you as customer really have a choice to
support the Linux friendly companies like Hoontech, Terratec, RME,
Via, M-Audio etc. instead - and get better quality in return, too. 

Personally I avoid NVidia like the plague, but I'm not a graphics guy

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