[PD] Mac OS X / Pd-0.38-0test7 / Path,Startup-Bugs

rainer kohlberger rainer at kohlberger.net
Wed Nov 3 17:13:14 CET 2004

The 'square'-bug is still in Pd-0.38-0test7.app. If you write something 
into the 'File->Startup...' or 'File->Path...'-Dialogue input lines, 
one or more square-character(s) will be appended at the end of each 
line. Loading a library, etc. in this way do not work.

I cannot delete the stuff i typed into the Path/Startup-inputs. I start 
pd, delete each line, press 'Save all settings' and 'Apply' and 'OK'. 
When i restart pd, all the lines are still there.
Wanted to use .pdrc instead of Startup/Path-inputs, but .pdrc is 
ignored, because of the malfunctioning Startup/Path-input fields.

Where is the information of these inputs stored?
I searched through ~/Library/ and /Library/ if i can find something. 
Nada. When i start pd with an other user-account, it works (no 
Startup/Path-contents, .pdrc accepted)



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