[PD] [autoscale] first release

Marius Schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Thu Nov 4 08:58:19 CET 2004

so, nobody responding to this tool? I like it! as an upgrade, you maybe 
could add something like a setup, where one can just enter highest position, 
lowest position, which is fixed then, even if I pass over that range (for 
example if I don´t want to use the full range of my interface.)


Hans-Christoph Steiner said:
> Here is the first stab at an [autoscale] object.  You set an output
> range, and it automatically adjusts a stream of numbers to fit in that
> output range.  This is very handy for standardizing mice, joystick,
> etc. output which is different for each OS and device.
> .hc


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