[PD] Wrong sample rate

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 15:32:51 CET 2004

Hi list

Very occasionally PD seems to start up running at
48000 sample rate (based on time speeding up and pitch
going up by around 10%), even though Jack (which it
uses) and my .pdrc are both set on 44100. The PD and
qjackctl settings both still say 441000. Most of the
time it uses 44100 fine, but when it does decide to
use 48000 instead the only way to make it work seems
to be rebooting my computer: restarting PD and Jack
make no difference.

I'm running PlanetCCRMA PD 0.37.1 devel with a Tascam
US-122 on Fedora Core 1, so apologies if this has been
fixed already, but I couldn't find anything about it.
Any ideas anyone?

Stefan Turner

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