[PD] nameclashes

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 23:19:23 CET 2004

hi all ...

i'm currently thinking of a way to solve the nameclash problem (counter,
scale, prepend, gate...)

here are some suggestions for a solution ... with some pros and cons:

- namespaces: add the library name like library/object or
  pros: - selectable at runtime
	- the patch will work exactly as you expect, since you see that object
	  is from library
  cons: - "/" is already used for the search path (shouldn't be a big
          problem), "::" are two chars 
        - only works if an object is compiled as library ... if a
	  library is split to single externals (like the build system does) pd
	  is not aware of the library name

- startup flav: having another flag like -force library/object or -force
  pros: - easy to use
  cons: - you can't use both library1::object and library2::object
	- behaviour of the patch depends on startup flags (less portable)

- communication: figure out, if the external name is already in use
  pros: - no implementation effords
  cons: - not really working (that's why we've got these problems *g*)

- standard behaviour: if object1 is doing the same as object2, except
  that it is missing one feature, add this feature to object1, if they
  behave exactly the same, the nameclash isn't a problem any more ...
  (escept for the waste of memory)
  pros: - as above
  cons: - as above 

personally i'd prefer the communication in combination with a startup
flag ... but i'm curious about other ideas or comments ...

cheers ... tim

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