[PD] JACK MIDI ports in pd / extra port efficiency

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Nov 7 12:34:11 CET 2004

thomas.gorbach hat gesagt: // thomas.gorbach wrote:

> > Normally "client 72" is 
> > mapped to /dev/midi2.
> the symlink ?

Normally it isn't a symlink, but it can be. Could you post: 
$ ls -l /dev/midi* /dev/snd/

> > To access it from Pd, use "pd -mididev 3" 
> > (because 3=2+1)
> >
> not functioning :(

Maybe on your machine it's available as /dev/midi20 in which case you
can try "pd -mididev 21". Also try several other numbers here. Midi is
a mystery. ;)

If you're an early adopter, you might want to test Pablo's new ALSA
seqnecer patches for Pd. Links should be in pd-dev and they also were
posted in the pure-data.sf.net patch tracker. 

> modprobe snd-virmidi gives
> FATAL: Error inserting snd_virmidi 
> (/lib/modules/2.6.4-52-default/kernel/sound/drivers/snd-virmidi.ko): No such 
> device
> beside the two soundcards it is not possible to install virmidi. Yast is 
> telling me I/o or IRQ conflicts.

Strange. I'm no Suse expert at all, but snd-virmidi should not
generate any IRQ problems: it's a virtual card without IRQs. Maybe you
miss some device files in /dev/? Strange, normally Suse has quite good
ALSA support (as the ALSA team is employed at Suse).

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