[PD] added print method to comport external

Marc Boon marcboon at dds.nl
Sun Nov 7 22:54:55 CET 2004

In search for a way to send strings to an usb character display from within pd, 
I came upon the comport external: 

Although a bit outdated, it worked right out of the box, but lacked an 
implementation of the print method, although the function header was already 
present as a comment in the source.

The only way to send characters was by sending ascii codes as float messages.
Since I don't know how to convert a string message to a series of float 
messages, I decided to implement the missing print method.

I also inlcuded the /dev/ttyUSB0-7 devices in the device list, to facilitate 
opening an usb serial device, like my Matrix Orbital LK204-24-USB.

The only problem still is that I can't send a message containing comma's, 
because the message is then split in two messages. Any suggestions on how to do 

Of course, I could also have used the system object like this [system echo 
"Hello, world!" >/dev/ttyUSB0], but I also need input from the lcd module, and 
the system object doesn't provide that.

Modified comport.c attached. See above url for makefile.
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