[PD] [hid] undefined symbol: hid_platform_specific_free

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Mon Nov 8 11:06:08 CET 2004

this sounds cool, So I just tried the hid.pd_darwin on my mac and its 
really cool. I will test it more, also the upcoming new version.

> Yeah, I've been working on the MacOS X side of things, and haven't 
> compiled it on linux in a while.  This is very alpha, but I'll make 
> another release this week, that'll work on MacOS X and GNU/Linux.  
> Otherwise, you could add a empty hid_platform_specific_free function 
> in hid_linux.c following the declaration in hid.h.
> .hc
> On Nov 7, 2004, at 8:53 AM, Christian Klotz wrote:
>> Hi Hans, hi all
>> I want to try your [hid] object - in this case on a gentoo linux 
>> system. But when pd tries to load hid.pl_linux I get the error mesg
>> 	undefined symbol: hid_platform_specific_free
>> and the library wont be loaded. Do you or anybody else know whats the 
>> problem?
>> thanks, regards
>> Christian
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