[PD] makefilename containing spaces

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Nov 8 14:16:08 CET 2004

Marc Boon wrote:
> Peter Todd wrote:

>> Try [list2symbol] from zexy.
> Doesn't seem to work
> I have this:
> [1\
> |
> [makefilename movie %d.mov]
> |
> [list2symbol]
> |
> [open $1<
> |

the trick is to construct a list of symbols whcih are then concatenated 
by [l2s]

[makefilename movie %d.mov] will just output a symbol "movie" no matter 
what is sent to it (this is: only the first argument is taken into account!)

so you will have to put the changing part (the one with %d) into 
[makefilename], then create a list containing "movie" and the 
constructed symbol and then use [l2s].

or you can use [l2s] to construct the format-string
(literal "movie %d.mov")
as one symbol and then set [makefilename].

so many possibilities...


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