[PD] pdp eating my cpu

pun chik punchik at fastmail.fm
Mon Nov 8 16:27:31 CET 2004

hi! i was testing pdp library , and  it consumes a lot of my cpu.
....simple patches (like for example: example03.pd and example04)
consumes 75 to 85 percent .......... if i use my gem patches with
pdp(gem2pdp) the cpu usage goes up to 100%..........why is that??
Is this normal with pdp??? 
complex patches in gem never goes up to 60 %... i have a pentium
centrino 1,7 with 768 ram and Nvidia GeForce FX Go 5200 on Agnula
Demudi......... pd 0.37.4

is there way to fix this???


Pun Chik
  pun chik
  punchik at fastmail.fm

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