[PD] [metro] [realtime] and [cputime], were is the true?

stephane stephane.richard1 at tiscali.fr
Tue Nov 9 11:15:06 CET 2004

Hi list,

Thanks to Cyrille for his answer.
I have two problems, the first :
I'm not able (because of my bad math level) to make a simple patch for 
have the output time in ms between to bang with the [time] object from 
zexy library. Is some one can help me ?

The second :
I don't understand were come the near 1.5 % error between [realtime] & 
[metro] objects. It seam to be different from a computer to another. 
Maybe a latency problem... mmh...?
I do this simple patch for test several [realtime] objects, and none of 
the 10 objects give the same result. Do you now why ?

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