[PD] pdp mac os X

Gonzague DDR gonzagueddr at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 9 11:22:05 CET 2004

Hi list , 
I ve just installed pd 0.37.0 on a mac osX , and i
never touch a mac before .

I have little trouble with gem : all seams to work
very well ( loading gem , creating gem objects ,
video_pix is working ), but the [gemmouse] do not
return any value ...? 

An other thing is that , when i run pd -lib pdp ,it
find pdp.pd-darwin , but crash saying :

dyld: /usr/local/bin/pd can't open library:
/sw/lib/libgsl.0.dylib  (No such file or directory,
errno = 2)

Do someone have an idea ?




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