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Hi all , 
I stumbled across this, there are three days of puredata workhops.
does anybody knows anything about it?

ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November /
The Media Centre
07 Northumberland St
+44 [0]870 990 5007
info at ultrasound.ws

+ Please note - all events are  FREE!

+ Further announcements follow in the coming weeks.

+ Stay in touch - sign up to the e-list here:

ULTRASOUND / LIVE / Stephan Mathieu [Germany] /
"While the archetypal application of laptop DSP
synthesis ends up tainted by antiseptic, clinical
or cold tones, Mathieu manages to wrap all of
his digital pixelations in a dreamy, warmly
crackling, and wholly inviting atmosphere, not
unlike the beloved Aphex Twin album 'Selected
Ambient Works Vol II.'(â?¦)Mathieu's work ranks way
up at the top of the increasingly prolific
laptop community alongside Fennesz, Carsten Nicolai,
and Stilluppsteypa."

Jim Haynes in Aquarius Records Review, Los Angeles

Since 1999 Stephan has released fifteen albums on
labels around the globe. In 2002 British magazine
'The Wire' voted 'frequencyLib' among the 10 best
electronic music releases of the year.

+ Website: www.bitsteam.de
ULTRASOUND / LIVE / Farmersmanual [Austria] /
"Formed in Vienna in the mid 90s, the Farmersmanual
collective represents media art at its most
anarchistic. While being best known for their
recordings, in recent years the group have shifted
their emphasis towards extensive live performances,
in which imaginative computer animation,
synchronised with 'chaos-particle-accelerating'
music, and the overall ambience of uncontrollable
technology form a seamless whole."

The Farmersmanual set will be a live collaboration
between Huddersfield and Berlin via the internet.

Anton Nikkilä, www.avantofestival.com

+ Website: www.farmersmanual.co.at
Her compositions are inspired by formations in
nature: the rotating progression of sparse then
condensed spouts of growth in plants, the changing
hues and intensities of light, the sudden changing
gusts to wisps of the wind, the unfathomably
intricate structures of snow flakes, the random
patterns of raindrops as they fall to ground.

+ Website: www.mileece.net
ULTRASOUND / LIVE / TOPLAP [UK/International] /
TOPLAP is the Temporary Organisation for the
Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming, set up
to explore the application of live programming to
composition and performance. TOPLAP advocates
treating algorithms as live artistic material,
allowing them to be written and manipulated
while they create music or video, perhaps in
front of an audience.

+ Website: www.toplap.org
Douglas Benford has collaborated with Scanner,
Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs,
Stephan Mathieu, Benge (as Tennis), and Tonne.
Ranging from microsound, electronica and dub,
Benford has released music on Fallt, Bip hop,
BackGround, Highpoint Lowlife and 12K.

He has played Ars Electronica, Tate Modern,
Nokialab and Transmediale & Sintesi festivals,
and has been a co-curator of Sprawl electronic
music events and label for eight years.

+ Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~efrans/benford
ULTRASOUND DJs / Alku [Spain] /
Alku is an artistic collective from Barcelona,
working in the fields of computer music and
digital arts; they performed at Ultrasound in
2002, as Evol.

Alku return this year with an eclectic DJ set.

+ Website:  http://personal.ilimit.es/principio

by Tom Betts and Joe Gilmore.

rand()% is commissioned by Media Centre Network.

rand()%lab is a presentation by the generative
net.radio station, rand()%, applied to a gallery
context. The installation uses the laboratory as
a metaphor for research and investigation into
random number generation and sound. The exhibition
will feature new audio works by rand()% artists
Tom Betts, Joe Gilmore, Alku, James Brouwer
and Mileece, installed for the first time in a
physical location.

Various experiments will be presented: the
results of ongoing investigations into quantum
random numbers, mutant Unix code and bio-acoustic
research. By using sensor technologies and
software agents to take signal feeds from plants,
light, the quantum decay of beta particles, lemons,
and data packet sniffing from information systems,
new audio experiments are created.

The artists and their collaborators will evolve
the experiments and processes over the two month
duration of the exhibition.

Visitors will be able to listen to the rand()%
live stream via headphone listening posts, and
browse exisiting rand()% works which have a
previously unseen accompanying visual element,
including works by rand()% collaborators:

Lia + Miguel Carvalhais [LMLB03]
Steinbrüchel / Brusa [-00:dedaih]
Eude [Aluminia......5080 m/s]
Thor and Runar Magnusson [Same, Same but Different]

+ Website: www.r4nd.org
Multimedia Research Lab
Canalside East
Queensgate Campus
University of Huddersfield

Wednesday 24, Thursday 25, Friday 26 November
10am to 4pm

A Digital Research Unit event supported by
Yorkshire Forward as part of the Centre
of Excellence in Digital Design at the University
of Huddersfield.

Workshop Leaders
ixi-software with Host Productions, plus special

Who is it for?
Anyone can attend this workshop, but it will be
of special interest to new media artists,
musicians, creative industries practitioners,
especially graphic artists and designers, video
artists, multimedia designers, and 3D designers.
What is Pure Data?
Pure Data or 'PD' is an open source programming
environment for multimedia development. It is
used for real-time processing of data, particularly
in sound related works, and can be extended through
the use of a range of 'externals' or software
libraries to include real-time video and openGL

Pure Data runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

This workshop presents:

+ GEM [graphics environment for multimedia]
The PD external for openGL graphics processing
and other externals for real-time video works.

+ Physical Computing Technologies
Interfacing PD to serial controls from a

+ Introduction to the Python Programming Language
Its integration with PD, and general use in
multimedia audio/visual processing software.


Clare Danek
Tel: 0870 990 5007
Email: clare at the-media-centre.co.uk
Tom Holley
Creative Director
Media Centre Network

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