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Hi list !
This is the first time I get involved in the Pure Data mailing list, a kind of newbie then and I'm currently facing to a problem for which I have no competences : I've got a buzzer which aims at producing a sound sequence when a certain default occurs. The buzzer behaviour is controlled by two parameters : its volume and the waveform used to produce the alarm sequence.
It seems for many people that the alarm level is not enough strong, even at full blast so here's my question :
do you know if there are some rules that make a sound appear more strong than another at an identic level ?
Does the solution resides in considering a square wave (or whatever else) instead of a sine one ? Or should I have to set up a more complex waveform (such as major chords, add a square to a sine...) ?I know that it doesn't directly concern PD but...
Thanks for your help !

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