[PD] perception of sound

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 10 16:49:18 CET 2004


" <tboulanger at voila.fr> schrieb:
> Hi list !

> It seems for many people that the alarm level is not enough strong, even 
> at full blast so here's my question :
> do you know if there are some rules that make a sound appear more strong 
> than another at an identic level ?

the crest-factor decribes the energy of the sound in relation to its 
amplitude. the waveform with the highest crest-factor is a squarewave 
(imagine: the positon of the membrane of the loudspeaker is always at 
maximum position). using a square should result in the maximum loudness 
at a specific amplitude.
our is ear is the most sensitive in the area between 1 to 4kHz (as chris 
and derek already mentioned).

another approach:
what about making the beep-sound of your buzzer pulse? noises without 
constant amplitudes seem to get more attention.


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