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Linux Open Source Sound CD (L.O.S.S.)

[Planned release date - April 2005]

Deadline for submissions: 07-Jan-05

Access Space, Sheffield's lowtech digital arts organisation, is 
currently calling for submissions for a CD of audio produced with open 
source software, and the Linux operating system.

There is no specific theme for the curated works, as the concept behind 
the project is freedom of all elements of music manufacture, 
encapsulating style, production software and distribution techniques. We 
hope to receive submissions covering a broad and eclectic range of 
styles, to represent the dynamic nature of contemporary open source 
audio culture. Therefore, contributions are invited from musicians of 
all types, programmers, sound artists or artists who use sound.

The LOSS CD is to be released under a Creative Commons 'Sampling Plus' 
license, so as well as being produced with free software, the CD will 
also extend the ethos of the open source movement into its method of 
distribution. For more information about this license, please visit 

Please do not submit tracks if you are not willing to release your work 
in this manner.

The LOSS project will develop not only through the CD release, but also 
through a website, aimed at being an ongoing portal for producers of 
open source music to showcase their work. This will also offer the works 
for redistribution under the Creative Commons licensing mentioned above. 
This website will be online later in the year at 

How to submit your proposal:

[A maximum of 2 tracks per artist, each between 20 seconds and 8 minutes 
in length.]

Send a DATA CD containing the following files:

- Your audio track(s) in .wav format, 16bit, 44.1khz in either mono or 
- A text document stating your name, contact details (email and mailing 
address), track title, track length, the software and operating system 
used for producing the track, and a declaration that your track does not 
infringe any copyrights or use any unlicensed material.
- An optional screenshot (in .jpg or .png format) of your software setup 
- which may be used for artwork purposes.

For more information, or to mail your submission:

Linux Open Source Sound CD
Access Space
1a Sidney Street
S1 4RG
0114 2495522
loss at access-space.org

Access Space is UK registered charity no: 1103837

Funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire and Digital South Yorkshire.

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