[PD] HDSP: OSS emulation depends on sync mode

plessas at sbox.tugraz.at plessas at sbox.tugraz.at
Wed Nov 10 22:06:27 CET 2004

Dear Members of pd-list,

here is sth that looks strange to me:

i have a debian testing system with an hdsp pci card.
when i have the card in auto_sync mode (i.e. it accepts any digital clock at any
input as master clock) and it receives 44.1kHz clock from my mixer via Adat-IN,
pd refuses to open audio:

error: OSS: SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS failed /dev/dsp

but when i put the card into 44.1kHz master mode, so that it ignores any
incoming clock, pd runs fine with oss emulation and 18 channels!
i would prefer to have the card in slave sync mode.
has anyone had the same?



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