[PD] gem help- strange goings on... [pix_film]

pete mcpartlan petemcpartlan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 12:55:46 CET 2004

hi pete,

it's ok...

yeah the versions were 90.0 and 90.1 and the older
version that went weird was 88.something, but on
reflection maybe that didnt work in the first place. i
thought maybe i had crossed the -paths over when
making the batch files, but hadnt... i think that was
just me being dumb... 

it's working now, i grabbed the .dll from my recycle
bin... it's no problem really but it does mean that i
cant use [pix_video] and [pix_film] using the same
version of gem. or anything else thats updated.



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