[PD] Re: readsf~ / soundfiler crash with lots of big files

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 18:47:08 CET 2004

Cheers for the reply. At the moment I've actually got
it using readsf~, but I tried soundfiler which crashes
too, even using all relevant flags.

25 7-sec stereo wavs is quite impressive, but only
about half as much RAM as 12 ~30-sec stereo wavs
(which I'm trying). Even though I'm only _storing_ the
very first bit of each file, I can only assume that
both readsf~ and soundfiler (try to) grab enough
memory for the whole file. If you still had that patch
it could be interesting to see how far you could push
it. Sounds cool anyway if you fancy redoing it :)

I'm using PD 0.37.1 devel from PlanetCCRMA. To be
honest I don't know if soundfiler is threaded in that
version, but afaik readsf~ always has been, and
doesn't work either. I am using -rt (kind of
obligatory really) but the watchdog gives it quite a
while before killing it.

I guess the only solution is making copies of the
first 4096 samples of each file and loading them
instead. Just thought maybe there would be an easier
neater way. 

Stefan Turner

 --- ClaudiusMaximus
<gloriousclaudiusmaximus at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
> The following assumes that you are talking about Pd
> crashing when your 
> patch loads samples via messages to [soundfiler] on
> startup.
> I have successfully made and used a patch that loads
> 25 stereo WAV files 
> into 50 tables on startup, using [soundfiler].  Each
> of the WAV files 
> was 16bit stereo 44.1kHz and about 7 seconds long.
> Then 96 sample players played back simultaneously a
> random selection of 
> the 50 tables using [tabread~].  I could get up to
> 128 sample players 
> but that didn't leave enough CPU time for the rest
> of the patch.
> Unfortunately I seem to have deleted the whole of
> that patch directory 
> by accident and I don't have a backup (which annoys
> me immensely).
> However, the Pd version I successfully used it with
> was devel_0_37 
> configured with the threaded soundfiler patch -
> maybe that has something 
> to do with success or failure.
> Are you running Pd with the -rt flag?  If so,
> perhaps the time it takes 
> to load the samples is causing the Pd watchdog to
> kill Pd.

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