[PD] Pure Data crashes

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Fri Nov 12 17:49:01 CET 2004

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What are the versions of all your software? Are you running Win XP Pro
or Home? What are you running it on?


" <tboulanger at voila.fr> wrote:
| Hi list !
| Assuming that I have a midi keyboard (namely Oxygen8 keystation) and an
| internal MIDI router (Midi Yoke) I've planned to do a MIDI transformer
| with PD and then feed my sequencer (eg. cubase) with the transformed
| events :
| PD grabs the Kestation MIDI input, transforms MIDI messages and sends
| the result into MIDI Yoke 1
| Cubase is set in such a maneer that it grabs what is sent out by MIDI
| Yoke 1.
| At first sight it seems to work : when pressing a key on my keystation,
| my VSTi on cubase plays what has been transformed by PD.
| What disturbs me is that whithin a few minutes, PD and Cubase crash so I
| have to restart my computer. You'll understand that it could become
| really painfull to make a track if both applications crash.
| I took "a lot" of precautions eg. desactivated audio on PD so that only
| cubase grabs the audio ports (ASIO)
| I'm working on Win XP and when crashes occur, it seems that the Minidump
| folder is the cause of the problem.
| Does anyone had such a (bad) experience on XP ? Is there any solution ?
|  Thanks for your support
| touti
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