[PD] data structures composition/app

Peter Todd peter_todd82 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 22:09:06 CET 2004

>> The only errors I get are a lot of:
>>     'prepend' class incompatibility warning:
>>             creating an object without an argument
>> which probably are harmless, aren't they?
> I am pretty sure those are harmless.  It worked on my bro's Windows 
> machine and he had those errors.  But he had a problem with that patch 
> using all of the CPU.  How was the CPU usage for other people?  I

It worked on my windows machine, and I had those errors.  CPU was fairly 
high (and playback pretty glitchy with the visual window open) on my 3ghz 
P4, but I think it ran pretty much as intended.

> started it on my G4-800 and it worked fine, but I did most of the 
> composition on a dual G5-2.5gig at my university.  That was nice.

I guess it would be.
> .hc

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