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Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
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i was also lookin for an audiointerface for my new laptop.  i didn't try
the 410, neither the quatafire, but i visited the homepage of both and i
would prefer the 410. the quatafire is cheaper, but there are quite a
lot of reports about problems (not pd-related!, but
hardware[chipsets,...]) with the quatafire. the issue with matching
number of ins and outs in pd on win is the same on both 410 and
quatafire (-> 610).
for my part, i decided to buy the RME HDSP RPM. it's the most expensive
one of these. the rpm has got 5 ins and 6 outs, but if you run pd in
asio-mode, you will have one device fo the inputs and one for the
outputs, which both provide 6 channels (the mic-input is on 5 and 6).
this means that you can use all channels in pd.
the disadvantages of the RPM:
-only one mic-input
-no phantom-power (which i really can't understand!!!!!!)
the advantages:
-low latency (i can run pd with the second lowest provided [128 samples=
3ms] on an intel   pentium m dothan 1.7GHz)
-you can use all channels
-you can also connect turntables directly to the 2 stereo inputs (you
can choose the input level for each stereo pair)


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hi all

i'm currently looking for a firewire soundcard with mircrophone
preamp/s -
so that i can connect condenser mikrophones... so far i have two cards
mind: m-audio 4-10 and est quatafire 610 - do any of you know them? if
- how do they work with pd + what are your experince with them? are
others that you can recoment... any pointers will be highly aprciated -


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