[PD] mmmm... devel_0_38 compile errors...

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Sun Nov 14 18:40:26 CET 2004

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I'm not sure if we're trying to use the sf bug tracker these days, but
this may be my stupidity rather than a bug..

got the new CVS (9:15ish AM EST, Sunday 11/14/04) by totally expunging
the old sources and checking out devel_0_38.

cd src
./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-jack --enable-fftw
- --enable-threadedgui --enable-threadedsf --enable-gathreadlocks
- --enable-setuid
make depend

all those went without an apparent hitch.

make chugged along for a while then I got this:

cd ../obj;  cc -Wl,-export-dynamic -lasound  -o ../bin/pd g_canvas.o
g_graph.o g_text.o g_rtext.o g_array.o g_template.o g_io.o g_scalar.o
g_traversal.o g_guiconnect.o g_readwrite.o g_editor.o g_all_guis.o
g_bang.o g_hdial.o g_hslider.o g_mycanvas.o g_numbox.o g_toggle.o
g_vdial.o g_vslider.o g_vumeter.o m_pd.o m_class.o m_obj.o m_atom.o
m_memory.o m_binbuf.o m_conf.o m_glob.o m_sched.o s_main.o s_inter.o
s_file.o s_print.o s_loader.o s_path.o s_entry.o s_audio.o s_midi.o
d_ugen.o d_ctl.o d_arithmetic.o d_osc.o d_filter.o d_dac.o d_misc.o
d_math.o d_fft.o d_mayer_fft.o d_fftroutine.o d_array.o d_global.o
d_delay.o d_resample.o x_arithmetic.o x_connective.o x_interface.o
x_midi.o x_misc.o x_time.o x_acoustics.o x_net.o x_qlist.o x_gui.o
d_soundfile.o s_midi_oss.o s_audio_oss.o s_audio_alsa.o s_audio_alsamm.o
m_simd.o m_simd_sse_gcc.o m_simd_sse_vc.o m_simd_ve_gcc.o  \
cc: @PDLIB@: No such file or directory
make: *** [../bin/pd] Error 1
ian at eks-02:~/cvs/pure-data/pd/src$

Usually I would spend hours trying to fix this before posting to the
list, but I haven't seen an error like this before, and don't really
know where to start. This is on Debian w/ a custom kernel 2.6.8, running
w/ an AMD k7 2100+ for what that's worth. LMK if there's any information
you would like (pertaining to this problem; no credit card numbers
however much you want them).

Any tips?

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