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Mon Nov 15 09:44:50 CET 2004

Oye, another post...
Hmmm, last night I made a little patch which aims at recording radio shows directly on my computer.
It simply consists in a timebang connected to a start and stop messages so that the record starts at a certain time of the day and stops at another time.
start and stop are directly connected to a writesf~ object upon which I've previously sent a "open path/tmp.wav" message to create a 16 bit wav file.
All this stuff seems to work well except the fact that when writesf~ receives the start message... nothing happen... there's no recording of what my dac~ outputs on my HD disk.
Did I forget an action that makes my HD disk ready to collect datas ?
What's wrong with that ?
Another time, thanks for your support !
Have a good day

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