[PD] composing a melody using arrays

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 17 00:47:58 CET 2004


using an array is not a must to build a sequencer. you could also use
[qlist] (see the helpfile and J03.qlist.pd in doc/3.audio.examples)
if i understood you right, you would like to record a melody with tones
of variabel length. so qlist may be a hint, because it allows you to
schedule every message it sends.


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Subject: [PD] composing a melody using arrays

> hi
> i'm a complete newby to pd. i want to compose a well known melody like
> example "maintheme of the movie hannibal 3". i know i have to store
> single tones in an array. does anyone have a pd patch showing how to
> that (and can send me this patch to orenishii at gmx.at). (i know the
> files and other stuff like the introduction by miller pucket, but the
> explame how to create an array with a single tone) thx
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