[PD] screen problems

Bernhard Neugebauer baia at nusurf.at
Wed Nov 17 10:55:40 CET 2004


i´ve often got the same "silly problem", working on Windows XP with pd 
0.37-1. It´s quite annoying sometimes, because the scroll bar often 
hides just outside of the screen. As a workaround, I work only with 
non-maximized windows adjusted to a comfortable size. The size of the 
subpatch is saved, when you save your patch with the subpatch opened as 
the active window. Then I recommend you to close the subpatch and save 
the main patch again, because otherwise, when you start the main patch 
the subpatch will be opened too. I think it´s the same with abstractions.



>I have got a "silly" problem.
>When I use subpatches and open it the subpatch is
>filling the entire window -> means I can't scroll in it.
>If it is a bigger one I can't acces some areas -
>any hints on that?
>-I'm using osx, pd-0.37-2
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