[PD] Gem: Loading a folder of images

martin dupras martin.dupras at uwe.ac.uk
Wed Nov 17 18:13:59 CET 2004


I want to be able to load all the images in a folder (say about 25
jpegs) and choose any of these images at one time. I can of course do it
by naming my images myimage0.jpg, myimage1.jpg and so forth, but then if
I want to use a different set of images I have to rename them everytime.

Did anyone find an elegant way to do this? 

On a sideways note, I'm experimenting with a lot of jpegs right now, and
I'd say that about 1 in 4 crashes gem 0.90 (winXP). Has anyone
experienced this? I don't mint too much if an image doesn't load, but
crashing PD is a pain. Or is there some jpeg property that some pictures
have and some don't which may crash pix_image?


- martin

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