[PD] activate patch window at startup?

Palle Dahlstedt palle at ituniv.se
Thu Nov 18 03:03:50 CET 2004


I'm running an installation that has to startup a pd patch on unattended  
boot (in Windows2000), and then accept keyboard inputs (via [key]).  
However, the console window gets the focus by default. I've found some  
previous answers to this question, but they don't work. I've tried sending  
"vis 1" messages with loadbang, and that opens up windows, but does not  
give them primary focus in Windows.

It seems like when the console has the focus (as on startup), focus can  
never be transferred to patch windows by "vis 1" messages. Only when a  
patch window has focus (e.g., after clicking in it), the "pd-mypatch vis  
1" message makes subpatches appear _and_ get focus.

I've tried this in both 0.37 and 0.38. No difference, it seems.

Any hints or workarounds?


Palle Dahlstedt

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