[PD] Use Linux and you will be sued

Lavallée Marc marc at hacklava.net
Thu Nov 18 16:49:22 CET 2004

slimboyfatboyslim wrote:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/18/ballmer_linux_lawsuits/

Suing your customers is a very bad marketing strategy.
I suppose even more in Asia.

I read something about Ford. There was a patent called "Seldon" owned by 
a few car companies. Ford was not allowed to use the Seldon patent 
because his idea was to produce cars for the middle class. In the 
beginning, nobody cared because it was a legal battle between companies. 
But when some companies started to sue Ford's clients for buying their 
unlicensed cars, the public opinion reacted in favor of Ford. Then a 
long legal battle followed. In the end the Seldom patent was judged 
invalid. The rest is a very well known history...

B.T.W. slimboyfatboyslim, are you hoping to get sued by fatboyslim 
anytime soon to get some free advertising? ;-)


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