[PD] ASCII Conversion

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Thu Nov 18 18:28:12 CET 2004

This is sort of a two part question:

1. (I asked this a couple weeks ago and didn't get an answer) does 
anyone know about an ascii float to ascii character convert, like 
ascii2any for Windows? Does anyone have tips for compiling ascii2any for 

2. I'm having trouble getting ascii2any working under linux. I've 
programmed a PIC to output a letter for tagging and routing purposes, 
then a space, then an 8 bit number from its ADC, and then a NL 
character. As I understand the ascii2any readme, this should make it 
output "a <number>", though the number should be nonsense, since it 
isn't ascii encoded yet. This should be fine, if I got "a <nonsense>" at 
least I would know what the problem is. However, all I get is "bang bang 
bang bang bang..."

Any thoughts or suggestions on either? It would be really nice if I got 
an answer to the first, since debugging would be much easier if I didn't 
have to reboot to test it under PD ;)


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